Email Policy

Increasingly, we all are now starting to communicate more by email and whilst we are very happy to receive your email, we do not make appointments via email.

You will need to contact us on 3376 7343 to make an appointment or you are quite welcome to make an appointment either online through our website or Hotdoc .

Please NEVER USE EMAILS FOR URGENT PROBLEMS. Emails can never replace a face to face consultation and could lead to serious errors and poor advice.

Emails are not considered to be a secure form of communication, so confidentiality cannot be guaranteed. If we do receive an email from you, we will assume that you accept that email is an acceptable modality to you, for us to reply.

Contact Us

Address: Shop 26, 62 Looranah St. Jindalee Village Shopping Centre 4074

Phone: 07 3376 73434

Fax: 07 3715 6043


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